Glastonbury week: 10 reasons to liftshare to Glastonbury

1 It’s a green, sustainable travel option

Living for a few days on the beautiful Worthy Farm will leave you with a new-found respect for the great outdoors. The site already has a break every few years to help keep it in tip top condition, but by sharing your travel there, you can help preserve it all a little longer.

The national average of car occupancy is 1.6 people. If this could be increased to two, CO2 emissions in the UK would reduce by 20 per cent! All this, and of course, less cars mean less congestion getting into and out of the site. You can read more about the benefits of liftsharing over at our FAQ page.

2 ‘A happiness shared is a happiness doubled’

It’s surprising how many new people you meet at Glastonbury, and some will turn into friends for life. Unlike any other festival, you’ll find a unique culture at Glasto – one of sharing, compassion and random acts of kindness. It’s this attitude which lends itself so well to helping others with transport. You can find journeys to the campsite from just a couple of quid, and none of the drivers make a profit, as they’re simply covering their own petrol costs.

3 Car-eoke

The eclectic line-up at Glasto this year makes for a great road trip mixtape to sing along to. Busting out some Kanye West, The Who, Lionel Richie, Hot Chip and The Chemical Brothers will make for one hell of a sing-along, and potentially the most varied compilation ever!

4 Rain, rain, go away…

While the media coverage shows hundreds of photos of revellers dancing in the mud, in reality, the site can get very messy and quite uncomfortable fast. If the weather turns bad, your car can act as a small haven from the downpour, and can even function as a quick, dry nap space! Pop an inflatable mattress across the back seats and settle down for a kip.

5 Having a designated driver

As the festival is licensed to serve alcohol until 5am, and because there’s a great range of drinks available (no one big commercial alcohol company has a monopoly over Glastonbury just yet!), having a designated driver to remain sober is a must-have. If you’re lucky, they may even let you sleep off your hangover on the way back.

6 Charge your phone, with no time limits

The ‘Chill N Charge’ tents are handy but often very busy, and you’ll find large queues stopping you from getting even close to a charging station – and the pressure of others waiting for you to finish can be uncomfortable. You can combat this by investing in a cheap cigarette-lighter or in-car charger and nip back to your car to keep yourself charged up and in touch with the world.

7 Extra storage space

Taking all of your essentials often takes up more room than you first expected, and while on public transport, can make your journey a lot more difficult than it needs to be! Most people pack lots of food and drink for Glasto, and carting this around the campsite isn’t easy. You can check your Liftsharer’s luggage capacity on their listed journey and use the space they have to reduce headaches.

8 It’s the cheapest option!

You can save serious money by booking travel with a Liftshare driver, while those with a car can get a monetary contribution toward their petrol costs. Festivals aren’t cheap and every little saving helps, so you can count the money you’ve saved as an extra drink or meal while on-site.

9 You can travel at whatever time suits you best

Don’t wait for peak-time coaches, trains and taxis! When liftsharing you can all agree the best time to arrive and leave, and make sure it’s not during a peak period – where it can take up to five hours to get into the Glastonbury car parks. Arriving the night before is best if you want to drive straight in with no queues, and leaving between 1am-7am on the Monday beats the crowds too, providing you can get up that early!

10 If something goes wrong, you’re well looked after

In the event that something does go wrong with your car, you won’t have a long wait for help. Glastonbury has a dedicated locksmith on site 24/7 by the Yellow Gate, to save you in the event of you losing or locking in your keys. You can also receive on-site assistance with AA staff situated in East 12 and West 32. Just call them on the dedicated Freephone Glasto hotline – 0800 0723642. You don’t need to be a member and can receive immediate help.

Author Lex Barber


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