Whilst Liftshare continues to solve parking problems, new technology has been created to overcome the ‘badly parked’ office chair

For 17 years Liftshare have been helping businesses overcome car park problems with its car-sharing platform. Okamura has taken this to the next level by coming up with a solution to overcome carelessly parked office chairs.

With a single clap, the self-parking office furniture automatically tucks itself back into its rightful position, keeping the office or meeting room neat and tidy. The chairs are tracked by four cameras on the wall, which detect motion, and are controlled by Wifi.

Although Liftshare continues to support businesses to overcome parking issues the chairs have been created as a publicity stunt to promote Nissan’s new intelligent parking assist technology, so you’ll probably still be pushing office chairs around for many years to come.

Watch the ‘Intelligent Parking Chair’ HERE

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Author Jonathan Scutt


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