Liftshare supports Taxistop and shares best practice in Leuven, Belguim

Last month saw Liftshare visit Belguim as part of the European Social Fund project CHUMS. Liftshare spent two days supporting local car-sharing provider Taxistop, offering advice and best practice to encourage journey sharing within the city of Leuven. The intent of the visit was to successfully implement CHUMS project aims, which include personalised travel planning, a dedicated Liftshare Week and incentives for car-sharers.

Liftshare offered input and guidance from its 17 years experience on how best to engage local businesses and ingrain behaviour change. The visit was a learning curve for both organisations and common ground was established from similar challenges.

For further information on the Liftshare partnerships and the CHUMS project visit

Author Jonathan Scutt


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