A big difference? 2,500 fans between West Bromwich Albion and Southampton

Week 5 of the English Premier League has Southampton travel to the Hawthorns and West Bromwich Albion. As we head into the game Albion are 15th and Southampton 10th; equal on games played and with just one point between the clubs.

The attendance figures for the clubs last two games put Southampton ahead – but not by much. The game against Norwich, won 3-0, was supported by 29,573 fans. Meanwhile, West Bromwich’s last match was an away game against Stoke and was attended by 26,747.

Will Southampton be able to bring enough fans to the Hawthorns and make their presence known? Liftshare, who partners with both clubs for Get to the Game, can reveal you are twice as likely to find a car share out of Southampton than you are West Bromwich.

Which of the two sides do you think have the better fans?

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