5 reasons to Liftshare this festival season

Car share to Latitude Festival

We say this with fingers and toes crossed – but after the recent heatwave, we think we may have made it out of winter. The more pleasant weather has got us thinking about Mr Whippy’s, barbeques, and, of course, festivals. Whether you fancy moshing at Download or a cultured affair at Latitude, we’ve got you covered!

This year, why not go the extra mile by saving an extra mile? The Show Must Go On Report (2015) revealed that 80% of the total emissions from festivals is due to audience and production travel. With that in mind, here are 5 reasons to Liftshare to your festival this year:


If you’re meeting your mates at the campsite, why not take the opportunity to make new friends on the way. Sign up to one of our festival Liftshare schemes (or Liftshare.com if your festival isn’t on the list) and find someone to share the journey with. If you’re the driver, you may really be helping someone out. The best thing is, you’ll have loads to chat about – which bands you want to see, past festival experiences and the less than enchanting festival toilets! If your Liftshare isn’t a chatty Kathy, you can play the tunes of the bands before they hit the stage – we’re all partial to a bit of Carpool Karaoke.

Females laughing while liftsharing!


By sharing your car with passengers, you can cut your fuel costs in half! If you want to check how much you can save on the way to the festival, use our saving’s calculator. And with those pennies saved, you’ll have more money to play with at the festival bar, food trucks, and glitter stations! For those not looking to drive, Liftshare could be a far cheaper option than some other modes too.

food truck


Every year we say we’re going to pack the bare minimum. Every year we end up rocking up to the festival gates looking like a sweaty, human version of Buckaroo. Make life easier by Liftsharing to the festival, and pack the car with all your stuff – you can always pop back to the car to get anything you couldn’t carry the first time. If you’re the driver, you’re able to specify how much space you’ll have for luggage under “Further options” in section 2 of the journey adding form.



By Liftsharing to the festival, you’ll be helping to reduce CO2 emissions, improve air quality and reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road. The latter means less congestion and therefore less queuing to get into the car park. Sounds like a win/win!

clear road


Reading, Download, Latitude, RiZe and Isle of Wight Festivals are all working with Liftshare to offer priority parking to people who Liftshare. To gain access to the priority car park you must form a Liftshare team. Watch our video tutorial to learn how, here.  This is allocated on a first come first serve basis so please check the travel sections of your festivals website for more information on any available priority parking.

Even after all of that, there’s more! Reading, Download and Latitude Festivals have some AMAZING prize draws for those who Liftshare this year. More will be announced closer to the festivals, so watch this space!

Got a question about Liftshare or how it works? Watch our member tutorials on YouTube, tweet us via @Liftsharehelp or contact us on Facebook.


Author Laura Watling


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