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Here at Liftshare, we’re on a mission to solve the world’s mobility problems through sharing – you heard us, the world! Our goal is to tackle the commute and save one billion car miles by taking them off the road!

In the year of our 20th birthday, we have reached 500 million miles saved – so we have a huge task ahead to double that by 2020, but with our fantastic team, amazing members and superb clients, we believe it’s achievable!

Why do we want to achieve this?

Ultimately, every car journey shared by a person that would be driving alone takes a vehicle off the road. Therefore, the miles that would be driven by that car will be saved. The miles saved through Liftsharing can have huge impacts elsewhere:

CO2 –  by sharing your journey and taking a single occupancy vehicle off the road, CO2 emissions are reduced, and air quality is positively impacted. By removing one 20-mile journey from the road, 137.86g C02 will be saved per trip. If that’s a regular, return commute, 5 days a week, that stacks up to 1.29 tonnes of C02 a year – offsetting the equivalent of 57 trees! What’s more, that member would also save £1206 per year in fuel costs!


Road maintenance – By reducing the number of cars on our roads, we’ll be reducing the impact and wear and tear on the road itself – this means less money being spent on maintaining the roads, and less roadworks! No matter how you travel, we’ll all reap the rewards of better roads!

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Congestion – By filling your empty seats in cars on the commute and turning 3 cars into 1, you will see the positive results on your commute- less cars equals less traffic, less traffic equals less travel time, and less travel time means more time to do the things you love!

How do we calculate the saving?
Liftshare is able to calculate the miles saved by our members forming Liftshare teams which informs us that they’re sharing. For example, if you’re driving 20 miles from A to B and your colleague is taking the same trip, that’s 40 car miles. If you share that journey, 20 car miles are saved! If 3 of you share – that’s 40 miles saved!

You can calculate your own savings and look at our assumptions by using our savings calculator.

If you’re an organisation wanting to validate the actual sharing taking place by staff members, take a look at our Trip Authentication tool.

How can you get involved?

Helping us to reach our goal of 1 billion miles saved is simple! Every mile matters and every mile you share will add to our goal of reaching 1 billion miles saved by Liftsharing – what’s important is that we know you’re doing it.

If you’ve never used Liftshare before, sign up to or your organisation’s Liftshare community, add your journey and find a journey match. Once you’ve found the person you want to share with, send a request to share as a passenger or a message as a driver, and confirm you’re sharing to form your all-important Liftshare team. Not only will this help us to calculate the miles saved, your organisation may offer some great incentives for forming your team, like dedicated parking bays, prize draws and freebies.

If you’re already sharing but haven’t told us, follow the above steps to formalise your team or search for the person you’re sharing with:

If you’re one of our amazing clients, what’s important is that your staff are aware of your scheme. Most of our clients have access to free marketing materials on the Dashboard, and you can also speak with your dedicated Client Engagement Manager about our Scheme Success packages. As well as promoting your scheme, we know incentives are super effective in getting staff to tell us they’re sharing – think dedicated parking bays, free coffee, lunch vouchers or prize draws.

Think a Liftshare scheme could be beneficial for your organisation? Find out more here.

Author Laura Watling


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