Liftshare Ladies race for their lives!

On Sunday 13th May the Liftshare Ladies donned their colourful Liftshare tees to run the annual 5k at the Norfolk Showground to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Race for Life is a series of events, from a 5 or 10k run to a muddy obstacle course, a hike or half marathon, all in aid of raising money for research into all 200 types of cancer. Cancer Research UK’s goal is to see 3 in 4 people survive cancer by 2034.

Armed with a selfie stick, the ladies are on their way!

7 of our lovely Liftshare ladies partook in the 5k course at the Norfolk showground. On the day, 4 of our ladies piled into one car to take the 6-mile journey to the race, picking Sarah up on the way – a real car full! By sharing the journey, they were able to psych themselves up before the race and catch up with Laura about her holiday.

race for life savings
The savings on the ladies’ journey

On the day, Sarah, Jules and Laura crossed the finish line first after taking a jog around the course, followed by Lara and Candice, and Meleiha and Natasha. After receiving their prestigious Race for Life medals, they were greeted by honorary team member Alan, and then on to colleague James’ for a refuel of coffee and cake – thanks for hosting, James!

What did our ladies say of the experience?

“I had loads of fun doing Race for Life with the Liftshare Ladies (and Alan, of course! Woof!). Really pleased that we could do our bit to support such an incredibly important cause.” Meleiha, Head of Client Services

“I’m chuffed with how much us Liftshare Ladies raised for all those fighting cancer, we had a load of laughs Liftsharing to the grounds and running around the track. Would definitely do it again!” Sarah, Head of Product

“I CAN’T BELIEVE I RAN THE WHOLE WAY…but reading everyone’s backs on who they were racing for I’d do it a million times over!” Jules, Client Project Manager

Our Liftshare ladies at the finish line with their medals!

“Great way to spend a Sunday, giggles on route and great to walk in the fresh air with lots of sunshine!” Natasha, Head of Client Engagement

candice 9k
Candice and Lara reach the 9k mark… of a 5k walk!

“The sheer volume of people taking part was amazing – what a great way to spend a Sunday morning, out with my girls on a great cause” Candice, Office Manager

“It was a great team experience, especially Sarah, Jules and I encouraging each other round. I’m so pleased with the amount we’ve raised for such a good cause.” Laura, Marketing and Membership Manager.

In total, the Liftshare Ladies raised £555.67. What can be done with the money? £50 covers the cost of one scientific sieve to separate parts of DNA whilst £270 covers the cost of a trial day to find the best treatment for a child with a rare type of leukaemia, which has come back after treatment. You can find out more, here.

There’s still time to donate by visiting:

Author Laura Watling


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