Meet Terrafugia: the the world’s first flying car

Ever since we first saw the Delorean take off and fly at the end of Back to the Future, we always wondered what transportation would look like if cars could soar through the sky.

The world of science has seemingly already cracked Back to the Future 2’s hoverboard tech – seriously, watch this video! – but it seems the tech boffins aren’t stopping there. a brand new concept video for what could be the world’s first flying car has surfaced online.

It’s called the Terrafugia TF-X, and the vehicle is an evolution of the developer’s Transition street-legal airplane. While the flying car is still just a concept at this stage, the company is serious about bringing these sleek craft to our roads (and skies) in the future.

Here’s Terrafugia’s concept video in full:

The vessel has been conceptualised to include computer-controlled flight, twin electric rotors, and an engine that recharges its batteries – which is good news for the planet’s CO2 emissions and air quality levels.

It doubles as a road car and aircraft, and it’s looking like a pretty revolutionary concept. Will it ‘take off’ eventually? Only time will tell.

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