The UK’s 10 worst cities to travel in, ranked

The ESP Group has carried out a survey across 33 cities in the UK to identify travel habits around the country,and the results make for interesting reading!

The 10 worst cities to travel in have been revealed as:

1 Bristol
Out in the West Country, over half of those surveyed criticised the timetabling of buses and trains around the city – and a massive 82.4% of those asked said they would prefer to walk than take public transport! Those looking to help ease congestion in Bristol can join the TravelWest Liftshare site, to either offer or request lifts around the city and surrounding areas.

2 Cambridge
Ranking just 5.63 out of 10 for ease of travel, the famous Cycle City didn’t fare well travel-wise for those living in it, despite such high numbers of people relying on walking and cycling. However, Cambridge does have it’s own CamShare Liftshare scheme, open to all in the area, to help reduce congestion, carbon and cash!

3 Norwich
Surveyed during a period of disruption and city centre roadworks and developments, Norwich’s key issue were poor timetabling of public transport, a lack of door-to-door travel options, and the rising costs of travel. If you’re travelling around Norfolk, joining the Norfolk Carshare Community to offer or request a lift and help combat these issues. 

4 Aberdeen
Aberdeen has a major airport, rail links, coach and bus services, and is part of the UK National Cycle Network, but getting around the city itself can prove troublesome. Carshare Aberdeenshire is open to anyone travelling in the area, whether or not they drive!

5 Wolverhampton
6 Brighton
7 Birmingham
8 Manchester
9 London
10 Exeter

Other finds from the survey included that Edinburgh was the easiest city to travel in, followed by Salford, Cardiff, Sunderland and Glasgow. York was voted the most connected city to others.

And interestingly, the car is still King for most – with 57% of respondents choosing to drive for local journeys, and this rising to 70% for those aged over 60. Those in Coventry favoured their cars the most.

Have you travelled around these cities? Do you agree with the rankings? Let us know by tweeting us at @Liftshare, or writing in the comments below… and offering lifts where you can!

Author Lex Barber


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