1000 year old human, sharing and your business

The world moves at a rapid rate, so much so that apparently the first 1000 year old human has already been born!

Apparently, given the exponentially increasing pace of development in technology, those being born today could ride the wave of innovation. By the time they reach the current maximum life expectancy, advances could have pushed it back to over 1000!

That’s a scary thought and one which requires us to think about sustainability and the future.

As a result, technological advancements and innovation are not only changing our lifespan, but changing business and the way in which we work and live.

Today, innovative and sustainable business models are becoming necessary. Environmental pressures need to be considered, as do financial savings. And of course let’s not forget the targets being pushed by the Government for future stability; carbon emissions, unemployment, etc.

The consequence of these new sustainable models is a world of opportunities which will impact business in the future, if they’re not already.

The sharing economy is opening doors. From increasing employment and recruitment pools to saving money and reducing environmental impact, there’s a lot to be said for the results sharing affords for both the individual and the business.

What about a job sharing scheme? Would you not want to increase the number of candidates available, reduce sickness and staff turnover?

Have you considered a corporate car sharing scheme? Don’t you want to make your company more appealing to a wider catchment area for recruitment purposes, solve parking problems, reduce CO2 emissions, save money, meet CSR targets and help staff get to work?

Just two examples of the impact sharing can have and a few of the reasons why your business should not overlook it. Eventually these type of sharing schemes and sustainable business models will be expected!

Do you agree? Are you already changing for the future?

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