Hitchiking slumps while car-sharing booms!

The tradition of hitch-hiking is making way to the modern, online version of thumbing a lift.

An AA poll published today has found that the number of drivers unlikely to stop for a hitch-hiker has increased drastically from 75% to 91% in just two years.

Meanwhile, in the last 24 months, over 126,000 more people have joined car-share schemes within the liftshare network. 

Online journey matching is certainly preferable for women. Whilst males are four times more likely to stop (8%) for a hitch-hiker than females (2%), there have been as many women as men join up to the online system.

“Drivers have given thumbs down to hitch-hiking,” said The AA/s president, Edmund King. “As teenagers my brothers and I would hitch-hike around the UK and Europe but one rarely sees a hitch-hiker today.  Some hikers have swopped their thumbs for a computer mouse in order to lift-share from the comfort of their home rather than taking their chances on a rainy roadside.”

“We are seeing hundreds of new matches being made every day on liftshare.com,” said liftshare’s founder, Ali Clabburn. “I used to hitch a bit, but it is now so easy to find a match online – and it saves a massive amount of time!”

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