Is this the world’s fastest electric car?

Faraday Future have revealed their new FF91 electric car – and it’s capable of 0-60mph in 2.39 seconds!

Unveiled at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show this week, the car tops the world’s current fastest; the Tesla Model S.

Faraday Future is a tech start-up backed by billionaire Jia Yueting. Company Vice President Nick Sampson said at the event “[The FF91] is the first of a new species. This is day one of a new era of mobility. We don’t have to follow outdated practices or retrofit existing equipment…we have to flip the auto industry on its head.”

The FF91 model comes with a semi-autonomous parking mode, multiple modems to connect to the internet, and fully customisable settings for the driver. No price has been released publicly yet, but a deposit can be made of £4,075. The car will be available in 2018.

The model also boasts 378 miles of range before it needs re-charging, or 435 miles based on a European testing standards. Mr Jia has said that he hopes the FF91 development will help boost environmental considerations in the automotive industry, promising “This car is very, very cool. Once you have this you can get rid of the other cars in the garage!”

Do you drive an electric car or hybrid? Make it even greener by sharing and taking other cars off of the road!

Do you think this is the fastest electric vehicle ever – or will another competitor beat it asap? Pop your comments in the box below!

Image credit: Faraday Future



Author Lex Barber


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