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In the previous blog in our series of how the suite of products offered by Liftshare can benefit an organisation we touched on reducing the demand of parking. This time, we look at how working with Liftshare can positively impact your organisations sustainability goals.

Many organisations have sustainability goals, ensuring that the impact that they have on the environment, pollution and emissions is a positive one. Regardless of an organisation’s own objectives, with Clean Air Zones being implemented by councils across the country, the need to comply to sustainable guidelines is bound to increase.

invisible killer

Each vehicle your organisation helps to remove from the road has a positive impact on your local emissions. Based on our members, the average commute is 22 miles – this one-way trip expends around d 275g of CO2 (based on our assumptions), which totals 550g a day. Over a working year that clocks up to a whopping 139kg of CO2 per person – times that by your number of staff who drive, and you’re employees are clocking up tonnes of CO2.

So how can Liftshare help? We are passionate about liftsharing, but we understand that behavioural shift is a lot harder for those not absorbed in Liftshare daily. We start by using our Scoping Smart Mobility tool to anonymously plot where colleagues are travelling from and to, to identify what travel options they have to site other than driving on their own – be that liftsharing, public transport and even active travel – reducing travel emissions can be achieved in many ways. Our scoping reports reveal whether your organisation could implement a successful carshare scheme and any gaps in the public transport, as well as the CO2 emissions your organisation could be saving.


Like our client in the Telecoms sector, below, a scoping report can easily indicate whether further work can be done to encourage sustainable travel:

We were able to understand what shifts have a good public transport infrastructure as another sustainable travel option. The Liftshare Success Team will be supporting us in championing the sustainable travel options to all employees through the delivery of personalised travel plans.  – Facilities Director, Telecommunications Industry

Another client who has utilised Scoping Smart Mobility is Stirling University:

“We would not have known the extent of the travel options available to our employees or been able to provide educated recommendations had it not been for the powerful tool that is Scoping.” Media – Tony Kopsch, Stirling University

To date, Stirling University’s Liftsharers have saved 43 tonnes of CO2.


Speak to one of our Business Engagement team today to discuss how your organisation can utilise a scoping report to encourage sustainable travel behaviour.

Author Laura Watling


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