Forget recruitment agencies! Liftshare can help you to recruit AND retain!

So far, we’ve covered how Liftshare can help your organisation to reduce the demand for parking and achieve its sustainability goals but have you ever considered how Liftshare can aid recruitment and retention for your business?

With employment rate at its highest since 1971, recruiting the best person for the job may be restricted, particularly if your site is inconvenient to get to. Providing new starters with their commuting options at the point of job offer is one step towards recruiting staff from further afield. Liftshare’s myPTP enables you to provide a personalised travel plan to those individuals, showing them their commuting options such as active travel, public transport, and uniquely, Liftshare matches, in a quick and easy way. Our tool can create a plan in 30 seconds, saving you valuable time, and is delivered direct to the employee’s inbox so they can go through their potential commute options at a time that suits them. Not only that, but the results will show CO2 saved by stepping away from driving alone, and calories burned by cycling or walking.

With 37.7million vehicles licensed for use on Great Britain’s roads, most employees consider parking a right at work, rather than a privilege. So, what if you’ve run out of space in your car park and can’t offer new-starters with no option but to drive to work a place to park? By implementing a Liftshare scheme, your organisation can reduce the demand on parking, giving more availability to staff, without the need to introduce additional parking spaces.


Liftshare’s client Ocado introduced a Liftshare scheme to ensure its employees had a way to travel to work sustainably – as walking and cycle options are limited. When recruiting, Ocado encourages employees to share their journeys and promotes this through their induction process. Offering incentives such as free breakfasts, parking spaces, competitions and a guaranteed ride home (alternative transport to take employees home in case of an emergency) has encouraged 36% of the workforce registering to share their journey. It has used it’s Liftshare scheme to retain staff too, by saving them £485,000 to date.


Liftshare can help you recruit and retain valuable staff. Get in touch today to find out how we can best assist you.

Author Laura Watling


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