Liftsharing is caring

The saying goes that sharing is caring, and that doing good does you good.

Studies show that acts of altruism elicit both physical and mental benefits. On the flip side, it is also thought that congestion has a negative impact on mental health, causing stress to those caught in congestion. Top that with the fact that the average UK commuter is stuck in 31 hours of traffic a year, and you could have some very unhappy staff arriving to site.

Not to throw another study your way, but there have also been indications that there is significant evidence linking wellbeing at work and productivity.

So, how can Liftshare help you to improve staff wellbeing?

We contact our members regularly, asking for feedback about their experience with Liftshare. Frequently we hear stories of how sharing their journey to work has reduces member’s stress levels, have allowed them to have fun on the commute and even make a new friend.

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Take Abiee, who is a Liftsharer within our Jaguar Land Rover Liftshare scheme. By having someone else to talk to on her long commute, she is able to de-stress. She considers her fellow liftsharer a friend rather than a colleague.

A similar story comes from Justin, who found someone to share with through our University of East Anglia Liftshare scheme. Justin too has made a friend through Liftshare, and comments that less driving on his commute has resulted in less stress:

wellbeing blog case study 2 - Copy

Another resounding factor? The money saved by sharing through Liftshare.

On average, our liftsharers save over £1000 a year. Plus, by reducing congestion by removing cars from the roads, members can also take back the money they lose by sitting in traffic – to the tune of £1,168 a year.

Happy staff, productive staff, staff who are easier to retain? A Liftshare scheme truly can be an asset to your business with fantastic return on investment.

Want to get started? Get in touch or give us a call on 01603 38921.

Author Laura Watling


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