Reduce your business impact on air pollution with Liftshare

Air pollution is no longer a silent killer. Attributing to an estimated 64,000 deaths in the UK per year, causing strokes and dementia, air pollution is high on the agenda.

This year, the UN encouraged the world to #BeatAirPollution, whilst councils across the UK rolled out more Clean Air Zone plans. The Government has a long term strategy to improve air quality across the country by discouraging the use of older, more polluting, vehicles and has a short term goal to reduce the number of areas in the UK where air pollution breaches legal limits.

To tackle air quality, your business could be hit with a Workplace Parking Levy – much like businesses in Nottingham. 10 levies are planned across the county, costing up to £1000 per space.

Your business can reduce its need for parking and the impact employees are having on air quality by implementing a Liftshare scheme. Simply by reducing the cars travelling on the commute, air quality can be improved.

In June 2019, Liftshares’s members helped to reduce NOx emissions by 13.5 tonnes and CO2 by 5150 tonnes.

How can your company monitor and report on how much you’re doing to help with air quality? With Liftshare’s monitoring Dashboard will enable you to track how much positive impact your business is having on CO2, NOx and money saving to your employees..

Our Business Savings Calculator can give you a full break down on savings your organisation and employees can make. All you need to is provide some basic information, here.

Author Laura Watling


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