Build ISO 14001 accreditation with Liftshare

If your organisation wants certification of being environmental astute, then ISO 14001 accreditation is the international standard to adhere to.

The standard encourages businesses to:

  • “Improve resource efficiency

  • Reduce waste

  • Drive down costs

  • Provide assurance that environmental impact is being measured

  • Gain a competitive advantage in supply chain design

  • Increase new business opportunities

  • Meet legal obligations

  • Increase stakeholder and customer trust

  • Improve overall environmental impact

  • Manage environmental obligations with consistency”

Liftshare’s client Seagate Technology (Ireland) used their Liftshare scheme to tackle the impact of travel, as part of their certification

A travel survey, completed by over 400 staff, concluded that 70% of Seagate’s workforce were commuting in vehicles on their own. With limited public transport in the area, commuting was largely restricted to walking, cycling and driving.

To meet these restraints, Seagate implemented a Liftshare scheme, which in turn allowed them to monitor uptake and savings made. Figures relating to car miles and CO2 saves then feeds into their ISO 14001 accreditation.

Seagate Technology’s Liftsharers have since saved:

Discover how Liftshare’s monitoring Dashboard can help you in ISO4001 accreditation, here.



Author Laura Watling


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