5 tips to make your business more eco-friendly

With a government target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to ‘net zero’ by 2050, there are many actions businesses can take to help reach this goal. Comparison site Know Your Money recently published a guide detailing some of these possible steps, and we’ve picked out our top 5:


Use renewable energy

Whatever your business is, the likelihood is you’ll be consuming a lot of energy for lighting, heating, technology, and other appliances. Making sure these are powered by renewable sources, rather than traditional fossil fuels like coal, will go a long way in helping your business to be a greener organisation.

There are an ever-increasing number of tariffs and providers that specifically claim to offer energy generated from 100% renewable origins, so businesses should find this a fairly straightforward change to make.


Dispose of waste correctly

Recycling is likely to be something many businesses do already, but there can be confusion over what items can be recycled where. It may be easier to throw all waste into general landfill, but making the effort to understand how you can dispose of items in the most environmentally-friendly way will show you to be an eco-conscious company.


Implement a carsharing scheme

This is a key way for businesses to become more eco-friendly.  A large proportion of workers across the UK continue to commute by car, which results in air pollution, congestion, and other related issues that all affect a business’s green profile. Liftshare can minimise these problems and reduce business-related emissions, as well as saving participating members money.


Reduce your energy consumption

Using renewably-sourced energy may make you a greener business, but this doesn’t mean you should waste it. Simple actions like using energy-efficient appliances, LED lights, and switching off items that aren’t in use can all add up to major eco and financial savings.

Businesses can make some structural changes to help minimise energy consumption and waste, but they also need to make sure their employees are fully engaged with their efforts and make individual savings where they can.


Use sustainably-sourced items

It isn’t enough for businesses to dispose of waste efficiently unless they also source items from sustainable origins. This promotes the circular economy and is a key area where businesses can go green. Whether it’s buying recycled paper, second-hand furniture, or local and ethical produce, each individual business can find ways to minimise their waste and maximise the resources on offer.


For a comprehensive resource on this topic, take a look at the Know Your Money guide to making your business go green.

Author Simon Cross


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