Another milestone achieved in 2018: 700 million car miles removed from our roads!

We are delighted to announce that, thanks to our 51,000 confirmed sharers, Liftshare has just hit a HUGE milestone saving of 700 million miles! Just for context, that’s the same number of miles as travelling to the moon and back 14, 650 times and just shy of the distance from Earth to Saturn! More astonishingly, that means in the last 20 years we saved the same number of miles as 281, 113 times around the Earth!

How do we calculate miles saved? Well, for every shared journey, we can take at least 1 times the amount of the journey distance off of the road, and again and again per passenger. So, if 3 people are travelling 22 miles (the average commuter journey) in one car, that’s 44 miles saved per trip, 88 miles per day, 440 miles per working week and 22,880 miles per year, give or take.

These mileage savings equal to C02 savings of 37,852 tonnes!


Why is this figure so valuable to us at Liftshare? Well, we’re on a mission to solve the world’s mobility problems through sharing. By this, we mean that we want to enable everyone to find someone to share their journey with so that they can Travel Happy. As part of that, our vision is to save one billion car miles by March 2020. With over a year to go, we have achieved 70% of our target.

It’s easy to help us to remove ONE BILLION car miles from the UK roads, reduce congestion and pollution, and helping you save money to boot. Simply add your commuting journey to (or your organisation’s Liftshare community) and find your journey match. Confirm your sharing with each other (by the passenger sending the driver a request to share, and the driver accepting), and we’ll be able to calculate the road miles saved to add to our total.

Thank you for helping us to solve the world’s mobility problems through sharing!

Travel Happy!

Author Laura Watling


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