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Liftshare  is the largest company of its kind in the UK thanks to all our brilliant members. Our head office is a mix of ergonomic style, cool design and bucket loads of fun.  We have a slide to get us to the ground floor in super-quick time and our group-huddles can take place anywhere from our swinging pods to our pebble-clad kitchen or tree-lined board room.  It’s a cool place to work.


But on our doorstep is something equally as cool – the great wilds of the Norfolk countryside.  So a couple of times a year the whole Liftshare team swaps their Birkenstocks for walking boots and heads off along windy beaches or sun-speckled canals to think, chat and come up with ideas about how we can make Liftshare even better for everyone and hold our position as the number one car-sharing community.

In June we walked along the famous Wherryman’s Way in the Norfolk Broad’s – Britain’s largest protected wetland.  Well we didn’t quite tackle the entire 35 miles but 7 miles from our offices in Norwich to a fantastic pub The Water’s Edge via Whitlingham Lake.

Along the way we were split into random groups and given fun stuff to do – writing a Liftshare Limerick, composing Tweets divulging new and interesting stuff about the rest of the Liftshare team and sharing ideas for the future of Liftshare.   It was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know newbies Shane and Ciaran (hopefully we didn’t scare them off) and to hear everyone’s ideas from the interns to the IT crowd.

2014-06-02 10.23.17

So watch this space for a glimpse into the future.  We know how to have fun but it’s all with one goal in mind: to make car-sharing with Liftshare better than ever.   Like our Facebook pages for even more pictures of our gorgeous team.








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