Quarterly roundup of Product Updates: April-June

Blog written by Liftshare’s Head of Product, Sarah Roberts.

We’re now over half way through 2018 and want to share the enhancements we’ve made over the past 3 months this quarter, making the Liftshare platform the very best it can be!

Liftshare has its own product development department who work on designing and building the software and release new features every 2 weeks.

Listed below are some of the improvements and new features that have been released over the past quarter (April-June 2018). There’s also been lots of behind-the-scenes work that we’ve been doing which we’ll announce later this year…




Smart Parking Tool – New feature!

The Smart Parking tool links Liftshare’s Parking Permits with our Trip Authentication system. It gives Liftshare scheme managers, or a car park attendant, the ability to scan a Parking Permit and see whether those using that permit have carshared that very day. The benefits of this technology include:

  • DAILY proof of car sharing
  • Real time data pulling of whether they have car shared that day
  • Easy to use App
  • Saves time on manually checking permits, system does it all for you by bringing the data up on screen
  • The Liftshare Scheme Manager can see everything; time of permit scans, status at time of scanning, whether a permit has been scanned twice, where the trip authentication has taken place.


Smart Parking utilises QR code technology and is currently being tested by some of our clients. If you would like to be involved with this or want to find out more – Give us a call on 01603 389321 or email tellmemore@liftshare.com.



Liftshare’s Summer campaign

The Summer campaign materials are available for all of our Liftshare Scheme Managers to download and use! Our Summer campaign is all about how you can save an average of £250 just over the 3 months of summer!


Materials can be downloaded on the Liftshare dashboard: Navigation pane > Marketing > Documents > Templates section


Parking Permit download – Liftshare Scheme Managers can now download a parking permit on behalf of a member, speak to your Client Account Manager to find out how they can install this on your dashboard for you:



Maps reskin – We’ve updated our maps pages on the dashboard to give you a better picture of how your Liftshare Scheme is doing. To check out the new map layouts, just go to the navigation pane on your dashboard and select ‘MAPS’.

The background of the map and the colours of the routes are both different. The new map shows more green areas, giving more detail, and also has the roads in white, rather than the faded grey which merged major roads into the background on the old map. The blue of the ocean is much softer as well, giving precedence to the dark green journey lines.


New Map – On the Maps section we have added a new option, where you can type in a destination, and see all the journeys in your scheme that have that destination within a 2 mile radius. The map below shows all the journeys that have a destination within 2 miles of Birmingham city centre:


The darker the line of the route, the more people are travelling along that route. We’ve shown this in a way that follows the road that the drivers actually using. It’s much tidier than multiple overlapping lines.


We’ve made several changes to the user experience of our website, so that members find our platform easier to use and get the most out of joining Liftshare.

Drivers / Passengers toggle – We know that many of our members are happy to be the driver or passenger, so we wanted to make it more obvious to them that using this driver/ passenger toggle on the journey search page exists, and can open up more results for them:


Results page (with matches showing) – We’ve made some changes to make the user of experience of finding matches much easier, and more intuitive for our members:


Members no longer have to state their gender on sign up – This means members can no longer search for males, or females only when looking through journeys. This filter was barely used, so we removed it giving our members less to fill in at the point of sign up.

Deleting a journey – We’re going to be collecting feedback on why members are deleting their journeys so we can improve our service:



Non-activated members – Members who have not yet activated their account are now clearly shown that they need to activate before sending any messages:





At Liftshare, we release new features every 2 weeks. As a Liftshare Scheme Manager, you can keep up to date with all our product releases by accessing your dashboard, and selecting UPDATES in the navigation pane on the left.

Have you got some ideas about additional features or functionality on our platform as a member or a client? Get in touch by tweeting us @Liftshare or emailing sarah@liftshare.com.

Author Sarah Roberts


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