Liftshare is moving its hosting services to Microsoft Azure

Liftshare is currently migrating its enterprise systems and data to Microsoft Azure; a flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform.

Liftshare is already underway with implementing the migration, and we plan to complete the move to Microsoft Azure by the end of September 2018.

Ross Hewitt, Liftshare’s Chief Technical Officer, has said “The move to Microsoft Azure has big benefits in terms of data privacy and security for our members and clients”.

The benefits of Liftshare moving to Microsoft Azure are as follows:

  • Keep detailed access and change logs for all systems
  • Encrypted data at rest
  • Encrypted data in transit (between application, database and cache)
  • Managed hosting – always have the latest security patches
  • More secure – industry leaders
  • Staying in the UK for our hosting
  • And much, much more!

Due to the work, you may experience downtime on our sites on the 21st and 22nd September. We will be doing all we can to keep disruption to a minimum.

The restructure of our data internally is also being investigated to ensure we are supporting our clients and members with the most secure platform for their data. Jon Scutt, IT manager, said “We realised that we have lots of on-premise activity in terms of files for our employees and we recognise we want to improve the collaboration between our internal staff, and move files to an ecosystem that makes sense for our organisation”.

In terms of migration, Liftshare is planning to eventually move 100% of its data to Microsoft Azure. Ross Hewitt, CTO, hopes “this move will utilise the best and most secure technologies out there to ensure our member and clients data security needs are met”.

Author Sarah Roberts


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