Baby trees, golf lessons and folk gigs…

You’re not being a lone ranger, are you?

Because this is liftshare Week – and we hope thousands more people will discover the benefits of car-sharing over these five days. And one of the top benefits – according to liftshare members – is the great (and lasting) friendships that arise from car-sharing.

Over two-thirds of our members tell us that one of the reasons they started sharing was the social aspect. As Michael from Linlithgow said:

“I was driving myself but finding it pretty tedious and a waste of my time. All I was doing was staring at bumpers and tarmac. I now share with a very nice woman and it’s going great. We have a lot in common and so we chat a lot.”

Cath in Swansea agrees:

“Although at one time Terry Wogan was ‘the other man in my life’, I find it so much more fulfilling to have another person in the car to chat to in person.”

And for many, the friendships go further than a just the time they spend in the car together:

Maggie in Penrith finds her car-share partner is a source of free baby trees!

Adam in Norwich taught his lift, Phil, how to play golf

Sandra in Colchester has been introduced to folk music gigs by her liftshare partner

James in York goes to pub quizzes and go-karting with his car-share team.

“I’ve been sharing for a year with three others and we are all very like-minded and get on really well,” Dan in Nottingham told us. “There is always something to talk about – you gain new thoughts, ideas, experiences, news – you gain nothing if you drive alone.”

If you can have your social life enriched – on top of saving money and being kinder to the planet – it’s very hard to find a reason not to do so! Who knows? You may find yourself in the same boat as Emily in Oxford, who emailed us to say:

“I made one of my best friends through liftsharing!”

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