Half a million people sign up to share cars

When Ali Clabburn pinned a scribbled note to a student notice board, asking for a lift home one Christmas holidays, little did he imagine that he was starting a car-sharing network which half a million people would join!

With 500,000 people deciding they’d rather share their cars than travel alone, it’s clear that our attitudes to driving have changed. And while there are loads of benefits to lift-sharing, it’s those spiralling fuel prices which are the greatest impetus to behaviour change.

“As petrol prices go up, so attitudes towards sharing lifts evolve,” says Ali. “Over 70,000 new members joined the liftshare network last year, and we expect this trend to continue.

“With daily headlines announcing that filling your car costs more than the weekly shop, or that petrol prices are rising three times faster than incomes, a growing number of people are finding that lift-sharing is the only viable way to get to work. But it is a real landmark to see our 500,000th member join the network!”

This car-sharing website is part of the nationwide liftshare network. There is at least one potential journey-match for over 86% of commutes registered on the network, although many have dozens. So this is the best place to be to find someone else going your way…!

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