Bag £100 to spend in John Lewis this spring!

Fancy sprucing up your home this spring? Perhaps you’d like to treat yourself to a new spring wardrobe? However you’d like to spend a £100 voucher for John Lewis, we have the prize draw for you!

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To win 1 x £100 John Lewis voucher, form a Liftshare team between 13th and 26th June to be entered in our prize draw. It really is that simple! (Ts and cs can be found here)

To form a team:
If you’ve not done so yet, sign up to or your organisation’s Liftshare community.
Add the regular journey you wish to travel;
Find a match;
Form a Liftshare team.

Click here to get started, or visit your organisations Liftshare community, or download the help guide.

Why should you Liftshare?

There are more benefits to Liftsharing than winning a prize draw! By sharing your regular commute, you can:

savings yearly

Liftshare is on a mission to remove a billion car miles from the UK’s roads by March 2020.

By sharing your car journeys rather than travelling alone, you remove car miles from the road and help to reduce congestion. The UK is the 10th most congested country in the World, causing an increase in harmful emissions.

For Liftshare to record how many car miles are being removed, we need to know that your sharing. Forming Liftshare teams helps us to know that.

Clean up your commute today and form your Liftshare team on or your organisation’s Liftshare community.


*Based on Liftshare’s average regular sharer.

Author Laura Watling


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