Did you know that Britons use their lawnmowers for an average of just four hours a year? The rest of the time, they’re just gathering dust in the shed. And as for power drills… they are only used for an average of 20 minutes throughout their entire lifespan!

The world is changing and it’s not all about ownership anymore. We can save so much money – and have a lot more fun – if we rethink how we get what we need.

Wednesday 14 November is the first ever Global Sharing Day – your opportunity to be a part of the biggest ever sharing event in history!  You can read our Sharing Champion’s blog on their website, and here are some other great sharing ideas:

  • Instead of using a self-storage company, share storage space with storenextdoor.com
  • Don’t fork out for a new handbag to complete that look – borrow one through theborrowersclub.com!
  • Share music through the global map of musicians
  • How about renting out your car for the 90% of time it’s parked? Register your interest on Carloco.com
  • Got a handy parking space outside your house? Someone else might be willing to rent it
  • Skilio lets you teach and learn any skills via live Webcam. The online classrooms are easy to use and free to set up.
  • Share items that might be collecting dust in your shed or attic through StreetBank.com or Ecomodo.com
  • Start your own swish to rustle clothes from friends

And it goes without saying, Global Sharing Day is the perfect time to start sharing lifts if you’re not already!

There are loads more ideas at Shareable’s brilliant ‘how to share’ online library.

Spread the word amongst your friends too, to help them benefit from the wonderful sharing economy. You can tweet this blog, or ‘like’ it on Facebook. But why not also post your own comment? Make sure you use #GlobalSharingDay on Twitter, and tell everyone you’re car-sharing with liftshare.com for starters!

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