But what will you spend all that saved money on?


There’s a whole boot-load of reasons why people liftshare. And there are no prizes for guessing the biggest incentive! You can save a lot of dosh just by sharing a one-off trip, but if you liftshare on your regular commute you can make some very serious savings…


10 out of 10 to these guys, who’ve actually done their maths…

  • James in York: “I’m saving just over £1,200 per year in petrol alone – not to mention wear and tear on my car.” (Well that’s his summer holiday covered)
  • Pay rise, anyone? Norman in Blackpool says he’s saving over £100 of after-tax money every month: “I calculate this is equivalent to a pay rise of about £1,700.”
  • If Amilie in Taunton needs four salted caramel mochas to get started each morning, her daily saving of £12-£15 would cover them – and still leave her with change!
  • Liftsharers see the rewards quickly, too. Mel in Brighton had only recently got started when she told us she’d saved £420 in just three months!

These are all pretty impressive figures, we think you’ll agree. But some people always need to take things to a whole new level, don’t they? And with a full car and a long daily commute to Belfast, Stephen did just that – saving £3,000 – £4,000 a year!

So really, the biggest challenge with liftsharing seems to be deciding what to do with all that money you save. We had a quick poll of some of the sharers in our office. Our Head of Product, Sarah, has just used her savings to finance a summer holiday to the Isle of Skye (she’s the one on the right!).

sarah skye

Operations Director Jules says: “liftsharing has allowed me to pay for my son’s after-school clubs, to allow me to be a single working mum.”

Client Engagement Manager, Max, just wants some more fishing tackle, but Kate in our Business Development team is saving for a motor-home, so she and partner Richard can liftshare all their holidays!

And with Laura, our Marketing and Membership Manager, turning 30 next year, she’ll be spending her savings on another trip to the Caribbean to celebrate!


What do you need some extra cash for? Just sharing your daily commute with one or two others could pay for your extension, your wedding, more new shoes for the children, or even pay off a chunk of the mortgage. Check out now what you could save annually with Liftshare!

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