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Updated on 28.01.2019


At Liftshare we work with over 700 clients, made up of a diverse range of organisations, ranging from hospitals, councils and universities to manufacturers, fulfilment centres and corporate offices. Amongst those is Jaguar Land Rover, the world-famous car manufacturer, headquartered in the UK.

Liftshare has been supporting Jaguar Land Rover with their car share requirements since 2011, initially working with the Halewood site and over the last 8 years rolling the scheme out further to sites in Gaydon, Whitley, Bromwich, Solihull, Ryton and Fen End, whilst also offering an ‘other sites’ option for staff based at other Jaguar Land Rover sites across the UK.


Liftshare has worked closely with Jaguar Land Rover over the last 8 years to garner success and has supported them in the implementation of their dedicated parking bays for Liftsharers. The dedicated parking bays have been hugely successful and has eased parking pressure. The scheme also enabled Jaguar Land Rover to close an entire car park to build further manufacturing facilities. Further to this, Jaguar Land Rover worked closely with our events team, to roll out a series of engagement events, offering free coffee to members who signed up at the time.

During their 8 years of working with us, Jaguar Land Rover Liftshare has grown from strength to strength, becoming the UK’s largest corporate carshare scheme, with 34% of its staff signed up to Liftshare. Of those signed up, 54% are confirmed as sharing regular journeys – we consider this to be ‘best in class’ for conversion.

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Most recently, Jaguar Land Rover and Liftshare won the ‘Best Behaviour Change Campaign Award’ for Liftshare’s work with the Jaguar Land Rover Liftshare scheme and its uptake, at the Smarter Travel Awards 2018. Liftshare’s CEO, Ali Clabburn says of the recognition:

“We’re incredibly proud of what we have achieved with Jaguar Land Rover. Our expertise in behaviour change is evident when you look at how many people we have helped encourage to share their journey to work at the multiple Jaguar Land Rover sites around the country. This work has achieved not only significant savings for the company in terms of reducing the amount of parking and leased land required, but our platform have saved their employees over £10 million.”
Since its inception, the Jaguar Land Rover Liftshare scheme has reduced CO2 by 20,483 tonnes, over 104 million road miles, and close to £11 million.

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Our Client Engagement team have the best practice knowledge to support your scheme in becoming as successful as the UK’s largest Liftshare scheme, get in touch with your dedicated Client Engagement Manager today. Think a Liftshare scheme could benefit your organisation? Find out more, here.

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