Liftshare: Trick or Treat?


We love talking about Liftshare to anyone and everyone who’ll listen. But one thing we come across often is people’s fears about liftsharing. So, it’s time to (Ghost)bust those fears, as we serve our Liftshare tricks (great ways to use Liftshare) and treats (Liftshare help and advice)!



“What if I don’t like my liftsharer?”

One of the most common fear factors we come across before people give lifsharing a go is that they won’t enjoy their time with their Liftshare partner. Before you share for the first time, we recommend getting to know each other through the Liftshare messaging system first. You can do this in your Liftshare account via the website or on our <Companion app>. Not only that, you can take a look at the members bio on their profile and any additional notes they may have added to their journey on their journey details. Members find that once they start sharing they have a real Scream! But if worst comes to worst and you find your partner a real witch, you are not obligated to share with them again! TREAT! 🎃

“How do I know Liftshare is safe?”

Your safety is our priority. Over the last 20 years we have continually worked to ensure Liftshare is a safe platform. When you first match with another member, we suggest that you get to know them a bit more by messaging through the Liftshare platform. Avoid giving out any personal details straight away. When you first share, we suggest that you meet in a well-lit, public area such as a garage or coffee shop. If you have concerns that your Liftshare may not arrive, arrange to meet near public transport stops as an alternative option.

If you’re concerned about how secure your personal information is, we can assure you that data is stored by Microsoft Azure. We’ll never share your details with third parties, nor will we pass them on to other members without your permission. Members will be able to see your name, bio and journey details when searching for a match. We’re also accredited with the SEUK trust seal which confirms that Liftshare runs on good practice principles when it comes to helping and supporting our members, whilst providing mechanisms such as peer reviews.

Don’t have a Rocky Horror of a journey! Look at all our safety tips here. TREAT! 🎃

“I can’t car share because I have small children”

We know that dropping off your little monsters can be a real Nightmare on Elm Street. However, why not share the horror with another parent going your way, or share the onward journey? TRICK! 👻




“I work shifts, no one will be travelling at my time!”

Shift working is common in many organisations, and most have set shift patterns. If your shift patterns vary, why not share when you can? Remember, Liftshare is completely flexible. A boo-tiful statistic is that 20% of all journeys on the Liftshare network are between the hours of 6pm and midnight. What’s more, you’ll make a friend to take on all the ghouls of the witching hour with (or maybe just the late-night revellers!).  TRICK! 👻

 “I don’t have a car”

As Shakespeare famously wrote:

“Double, double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble,
Blood of toad and witch’s hair,
You don’t need a car to share!”

We’re sure it went something like that anyway!

With 36 million empty seats on the commute, we need passengers to fill the empty seats of our driver’s cars. So, whether you’re a non-car-owner in need of a lift, your car is in the garage, or you fancy leaving your car at home, we need you too! TREAT! 🎃

We hope we’ve dispelled some of your worst Liftshare nightmares, but if you have any questions, get in touch via, Facebook or Twitter.

Has Liftshare gone from a devil to an angel? Give us a go by signing up and adding your journey to today!

Author Laura Watling


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