A day in the life of… Liftshare’s Community Manager

Hi! I’m Emma, Liftshare’s Community Manager. My job is to make sure all 500,000 of you have a great experience with Liftshare and are happy sharers 24/7… so no pressure! Here’s my day in the office:

I’m an early riser. I prepare myself for a busy day at work with a run or some yoga to relax before heading off for the day.

9:00 am
The first thing I do when I get in of a morning is check Liftshare’s member support inbox, so I can see what questions you’ve all sent in, and what you need help with. I’ll do my best to get to the bottom of any problems anyone is experiencing, and take on board any feedback we get sent. I keep checking this inbox throughout the day to make sure everyone recieves a response as quickly as possible.

10:00 am
Woo-hoo! Someone has volunteered to be a case study for Liftshare today. I get in touch and say thank you, let them know how they could help us out further, and find out more on the Liftshare experience they’d like to share. It’s always great to hear member stories and to be reminded of all the brilliant things that Liftshare can do for our members, be it help them access work or to meet new people. (And of course, if reading this, you would like to help us spread the word about Liftshare, either by being on hand if we get a media enquiry or by sending us a named quote, please do get in touch!).

11:00 amBlog image
Mid-morning! I always have a project on the go, and currently am working on updating Liftshare’s FAQs and making sure our notifications are as effective as possible. These are the emails that you get when we need to let you know something’s happened on your account; such as someone offering you a lift, someone wanting to book your lift, or someone sending you a message. I need to make sure that these are easy to understand, get the message across as accurately as possible, and that they’re exciting enough that you actually read them. Some actions on the site are time-bound (i.e. accepting a lift request), so it’s important that these emails are as effective as they can be.

12:00 pm
As my stomach starts to notify me that it’s nearly lunchtime, I have a read of our newly added member bios and photos, to check there’s nothing inappropriate added. This is always a fun job – I love the creativity members have when describing a little bit about themselves, and for the most part, there’s nothing shocking!

1:00 pm
In my lunch hour I can be found scoffing my food before heading out of the office for a wander around the charity shops. I love clothes, and I love a bargain, so Norwich’s plentiful charity shops are my perfect break from the office!

2:00 pm
Time to check our other feedback channels to learn more about how Liftshare can improve on member experience. I’ll feed my observations and suggestions into Liftshare’s development team, so that all our feedback is taken on board and integrated into future updates, tweaks and products. For example. as a result of recent feedback, we now allow you to share your mobile number before you agree to share, if you’d like to. Previously we only shared phone numbers once everything had been confirmed, and so if you included one in a message before this point, it was censored out. However, members told us they’d like to be able to choose to exchange earlier on if it suited them, so that they could call and chat and get to know the other member before they agreed anything. I worked with our tech team to re-enable the ability to share phone numbers, and as a result we’re already seeing more happy sharers!


3:00 pm
I’m currently coordinating Liftshare’s contribution to the Europe-wide SocialCar project. I have some prep to do on a key report, feedback to give on best practice, and need to make sure everything’s on track with the project as a whole. The project is an EU-funded initiative aiming to create a door-to-door travel planning app with a big emphasis on liftsharing. It’s a big project, but an exciting one!

4:00 pm
Liftshare Week isn’t too far away (eek!), so I’m taking some time to prepare the communications that will be sent to all of our members about the competition we will be running. It takes a lot of co-ordination to make sure everything is in place for the week but I like a challenge! And watch this space… because you’ll want to be involved 😉

5:30 pm
I am soooo ready to go home, cook some dinner and chill out for the evening. Time to log off and head out…

Author Lex Barber


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