We’ve got safe winter travel tips wrapped up!

We’ve already seen a flurry of snow across the UK this winter with more to come, so ensure your safety before you travel. To help you, we’ve compiled some top tips:

❄️ Ensure that your vehicle is ready for winter – check your tyres (the legal limit for tread depth on your tyres is 1.6 millimetres – do the 20p test to check), get a free vehicle health check at Halfords

❄️ Pack the essentials – De-icer and an ice-scraper (find out how to defrost your windscreen safely in seconds); a car emergency kit (these can be found online, in petrol stations and motoring retailers); if you have breakdown cover ensure you’ve got your policy details and the contact number handy; a bottle of water and some snacks in case you get stuck in a jam for a long time.

❄️ Before you set off, check the weather forecast along with the traffic report– just a few minutes checking this could make all the difference to your journey.

❄️ Leave with enough time to get to your destination – the more relaxed you are, the more relaxing your journey will be!

❄️ Always drive with care and consideration – inconsiderate driving comes with some hefty penalties!

Plan ahead and it'll be all white!
Plan ahead and it’ll be all white!

The RACAviva and Sainsburys Bank offer further helpful winter driving advice.

We know that our Liftsharers feel safer travelling together, so rather than going it alone, how about trying to find a match on Liftshare.com this winter? We’re certain the journey will go quicker with someone to chat to!

How safe is Liftshare?

trust seaal

Liftshare was the first car sharing company to be awarded the TrustSeal, confirming that we operate best practice when it comes to helping and supporting our members. Your safety when using our network is imperative to us, and we enhance the platform regularly to ensure that Liftshare is the safest platform it can be. Some advice from us:

We will never supply another member with your surname, address or email address.

If you supply and verify a mobile number, it will only be available to your match after you’ve messaged and confirmed through the system that you’re sharing a lift with them.

Some of our members have made friends for life!
Some of our members have made friends for life!

When adding your journey, we only ever display the street name – not your house number. We advise that on your first Liftshare with a new match you meet in a well-lit, public place, such as a coffee shop, grocery store or petrol station.

Ratings given to other members are visible to you so you can make a judgement as to whether your match is someone you’re comfortable to share with.

Before you embark on your Liftshare, get to know your Liftsharer a little better – you can message them through our online platform or on our Companion app.

If you would feel more comfortable sharing with someone of a particular gender, that filter option is available to you when searching for a match:


If you’re a passenger, you may wish to check the MOT and tax status of the vehicle you’ll be travelling in. Simply ask your driver the registration number and make of their car, and use the government’s vehicle enquiry service. This information is publicly available, so it’s ok to ask your driver.

You can find more information about how safe Liftshare is on our blog or on our Trust and Safety page.


We wish you happy and safe sharing this winter!

Author Laura Watling


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