Product Release: Scoping Smart Mobility

Liftshare’s Head of Product, Sarah Roberts, writes about Scoping Smart Mobility and speaks to Julie Staples, Liftshare’s Client Project Manager, to find out more.


One of the best parts of the Liftshare platform is that we have an in-house product development team who are constantly innovating the platform to give you the most up to date features and new functionality!

Liftshare is a cloud-based platform, meaning your system is constantly updated and innovated with little disruption or installation time for our users.

We are so excited to announce our latest feature for our corporate client base called “Scoping Smart Mobility”.


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If any of these capture your current frustration as a business, then the Scoping Smart Mobility tool could help you:

  • I employ hundreds of people, but I have no idea how I can improve their journey to work.
  • I’ve got a new office opening, I need to help all my staff get there in the most efficient way.
  • I have a regular influx of employees at the same time each year (Christmas temps) who all seem to struggle to get to work and find parking; I need to improve it.
  • My organisation is in a travel poverty area, where my staff numbers are high, but access to my offices is difficult because of its location.

Our aim is to provide solutions that help save your employees time, money and improve the environment by sustainably taking cars off the road. The data and analysis that Scoping Smart Mobility provides are highly beneficial to any car-using business or organisation.

I sat down with our Client Project Manager, Julie Staples, to find out more about the research behind this tools development, its benefits and how it can work for businesses.


Julie, what is Scoping Smart Mobility and why is it helpful?

Scoping Smart Mobility uses the business’ employee home postcodes and their end travel destination (e.g. the workplace) and works out multiple travel options for each of the user journeys.

Not only this, but it provides the business with the efficiency and cost saving that alternative travel could bring to individuals and to them as a business.

No matter what the trigger, whether it’s the lack of personal transport, environmental factors or congested roads and car parks, we can analyse groups of commuters to provide integrated user-centric multi-modal travel options accessible for all.



How did you come up with this idea?

We’ve done an incredible amount of research into this; businesses across the UK are paying more interest into how their staff get to work; be it overflowing car parks, traffic jams, failed cycle-to-work schemes, businesses want to help their staff get to work quicker and more efficiently.

Businesses can do all they can to promote different ways of getting to work, but using each employee’s individual journey creates more of an impression on employees as they can see the direct and personal benefit.

Behaviour change can only happen when employees are made aware of their transport choices; only then can we evidence modal shift.


What happens after I receive the information from Scoping Smart Mobility?

As part of the tool, Liftshare will advise you on next steps. This can range from:

  • Raise awareness of the current issues being faced and make informed decisions and recommendations to make a difference.
  • Say you’ve got around 50 people travelling from the same village, Liftshare can help start talks with bus companies to arrange for a specific bus.
  • Helping you with car park management – if we can get more people to Liftshare we can help you allocate specific car park permits to give priority use of your car park.


Does Liftshare have to come on site?

No! All we need you from you is the postcode data of where each of your users start their journey, and where they need to end up. We then do all the work for you and work out all the possible options and calculate savings that way.


Do you have to already be a user of Liftshare to benefit?

No. As we said, all we need is your postcode data!


When is this available to use?

Immediately! The product is ready to use right now for all our existing and potential clients.


If you’re interested in finding out more about Scoping Smart Mobility, give us a call on 01603 389321 or register your interest through the below link and we can send you further information: Contact us

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