Liftshare members tell us what it’s really like to Liftshare

Whether you’ve given an elderly relative a lift to the supermarket, offered your colleague a ride home on a rainy day, driven to a gig with your mates, or been the designated driver on a night out, it’s likely that you’ve car shared in the past, even if it hasn’t been through Liftshare. However, we appreciate car sharing with a stranger can be intimidating. Meeting someone for the first time, you may worry you’ll have nothing to talk about, you won’t have the same taste in music or your Liftshare won’t show up. Our members who have shared their stories with us will reassure you that you’ll find some common ground to talk about, and music that will suit you both. As for no-shows- we suggest you meet for the first time where there is public transport nearby, and advise you both download our, free, Liftshare Companion app (Android/iOS), to communicate with each other just in case your arrangements fall through.


Our members, Kerry and Kaz share their experiences:

“Kerry joined BC1 Business support 3 months ago at Ely House and sits behind me. I work for The Apprenticeship Hub, part of the Employability & Skills Unit.

Kerry has made many friends in the short period of time she has been an employee of ECC and it feels like she has always been a part of the office and in fact, brought our teams closer.

We discovered we were both travelling from Canvey Island so I told her about the benefits of ECC car share scheme as I used to do this in Chelmsford and I loved it as I had a bunch of really lovely people to car share with. I couldn’t find anyone to share with from Canvey until Kerry started ECC

I have been using public transport which can take up to an hour and a half with two bus changes in all weathers carrying my Laptop and bags.

Kerry and I started sharing in December and I have really enjoyed my travelling time with Kerry, we just can’t stop laughing as we share stories of our experiences – what said in the car stays in the car.

Kerry is punctual, reliable and up for a good laugh, and a good driver too – Thanks Kerry. No more waiting at bus stops in the cold and rain. Kerry has made life a lot easier I also contribute to Kerry’s fuel so we are both winners saving money. Kerry can carry a lot of bags from the car to the office and unlike the airport doesn’t charge for luggage and there are no weight restrictions on what I carry onboard.” Kaz

kerry and kaz
Kaz and Kerry share a smile, a selfie and a spare seat!


“As Kaz mentioned, I am new to ECC  and have a lot to learn, including all the great benefits that are offered to us.  One is the Liftshare scheme.

I have downloaded the app onto my phone too as normally it’s something we all never leave home without.

Kaz and I have become friends as well as colleagues by using the scheme. The highlight of my morning journey used to be let’s play where the traffic jam will be today.  Now my day is brightened before I reach the office.” Kerry



Safer travelling together

Cost saving



And don’t just take Kerry and Kaz’s word for it! We share our member stories every Friday on Facebook and Twitter (both @Liftshare) and on our website here. If you’ve got any questions about Liftshare, check out our FAQs or message us on social media or via




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