Product Release: Scoping Smart Mobility – What our clients say.

Some employees view a parking space where they work as a right rather than a privilege.  This often turns the subject of parking into a very emotive subject for commuters.

Businesses know they need to change their employees’ travel behaviour, but how can they understand the expanse of options available to them?

Enter Scoping Smart Mobility, we can analyse your employees’ commute to work to –

Inform decisions

  • Use the Travel Solution Scoping Report to formulate a business plan to aid an internal business case on the next steps to combat the issues around parking and travel;
  • Raise awareness of the current issues being faced and make informed decisions and recommendations to make a difference.

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Create impact

  • Evidence employee and employer savings by using various modes of travel;
  • Understand how you can influence change to impact the environment and your employees’ health and wellbeing.



Effective Implementation

  • Receive responsive expertise from the Liftshare team who have vast experience in knowing what will bring you success;
  • Establish the right modes of sustainable travel for your organisation and target employees accordingly.




Here are some examples of Scoping Smart Mobility being used in a business. Could these be similar scenarios for your organisation?

Profile 1:

3000 employees / 1700 parking spaces / 90% of employees use their cars for commuting

A financial institution has 3000 employees commuting to an office location with 1700 parking spaces.  90% of employees drove to site in single occupancy vehicles which caused operational challenges with a local residential impact and a police presence.  The Travel Solution Scoping report identified that 850 employees were within a 30-minute walk or 30-minute cycle of the site.  78% of employees lived within half a mile of at least one colleague.  Providing this insight allowed them to recognise the quick wins and show a solid business case on what could be done to counteract the current issues. As a result, they have now implemented a Liftshare scheme incentivising employees through dedicated car share bays and improved cycle-to-work facilities with potential savings of £556,200 per annum after being able to release the overflow car park.


Profile 2:

2000 regular employees / additional 2000 over Christmas / 1700 parking spaces

A manufacturer has a company workforce of 2000 that is doubled in September for the lead-up to Christmas.  Parking is therefore a major problem at this time and there is congestion in and around the business park at peak times.  Scoping enabled them to understand the travel options available to existing employees and through having a Liftshare scheme they were able to have a mass of members on the platform to engage high calibre candidates who may have not been a recruitment option previously due to distance, or transport being too expensive for them.  They now use our travel planning software (myPTP) at the point of recruitment so that travel options can be outlined upfront to promote an alternative option to driving for travelling to work.


“Using the Liftshare Travel Solution Scoping report enabled us as telecommunications specialists employing a high number of call centre staff on shifts, to offer a more flexible commute option. As a result of the report we will be allocating a number of dedicated car share bays in line with the sharing potential identified in the report. The bays will be near the main entrance meaning those finishing a late shift can meet in a safe place and share their journey home. We were also able to understand what shifts have a good public transport infrastructure as another sustainable travel option. The Liftshare Success Team will be supporting us in championing the sustainable travel options to all employees through the delivery of personalised travel plans.” Facilities Director, Telecommunications Industry


“We would not have known the extent of the travel options available to our employees or been able to provide educated recommendations had it not been for the powerful tool that is Scoping.” 

Tony Kopsch, Stirling University


Overlaying anonymous postcode data to output travel accessibility to a destination, Scoping can recommend multiple travel solutions applicable to that journey, incentivising modal change through the understanding of the impact sustainable and active travel will have, including the efficiency and cost saving making that change will bring.  Opening up doors to travel poverty areas where the requirement is high and accessibility is low, and bringing this to the forefront of transport providers infrastructure.

Behaviour change can only occur when users are made aware of their transport choices, only then can we evidence modal shift.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Liftshare Scoping Product, call us on 01603 389321 or register your interest through the below link and we can send you further information: Contact us

Written by: Julie Staples, Project Manager, Liftshare

Author Sarah Roberts


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