It’s easy to share the costs of liftsharing – here’s how

Whether you’re a member of our public network or part of an organisation’s Liftshare Community, Liftshare is absolutely FREE to join. One of the fantastic things about Liftshare, is that, as a driver, you can cut your travel costs by filling your empty seats, and as a passenger, Liftsharing is often much more cost-effective than public transport. But how are those journeys paid for?

If you’ve been using online payments to contribute towards your journey via Liftshare, you will have received an email from us to let you know that we will no longer be supporting online payments. If it’s not something you’ve used before, you may still be interested to find out alternative ways to pay for your Liftshare journey.

When you book a journey, you will be able to review the suggested contribution for the trip. We calculate this based on HMRC’s Mileage Payment Allowance, recommending an amount which means the driver doesn’t profit from the journey and therefore not affecting their insurance.  You can check the amount you could save on your journey by using our Saving’s calculator!

Ways to pay for your Liftshare

Cash payment – be prepared for your journey and take the appropriate change with you. Remember, your driver is not a taxi, so it’s best to take the correct change. You may decide to pay weekly for a regular Liftshare.



Paypal – Paypal is a quick and easy payment method, but you will both need a Paypal account to use the service. Before you Liftshare, check that your Liftshare is also happy to do the transaction this way.

Pingit – You don’t need to be a Barclays customer to use Barclays Pingit. Pingit allows you to send money to anyone with a UK-registered mobile phone number. You must register online or download the app to use this service. Check that your Liftshare is happy to exchange money this way before travelling.

Mobile Banking – Many banks offer a mobile banking app which makes paying someone much simpler. Some, however, require you to add the card details of the recipient online or by using a chip and pin reader. Check the functionality of your app prior to your journey to ensure you can pay your Liftshare at your destination.

card payment

Take it in turns – If your Liftshare arrangement is on a regular basis and you both own and drive a car, you may wish to take it in turns to be the driver.


If you have any queries about paying for your journey please email:

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