Help! Protect! Save! Join our legion of Super Commuters this Liftshare Week 2018

This Liftshare Week we signal you to become the Super Commuter you really are!

Liftshare Week is a national initiative to encourage people of the UK to try liftsharing for one week only and thanking those who already do. This year, the week runs across the UK from 1st – 7th October, 2018.

This Liftshare Week, we encourage you to become part of growing legion of Super Commuters by signing up to (or your organisations community) and grabbing sidekick: by adding your regular journey and finding a match. Being your very own superhero not enough? We’ve got a Liftshare Week competition that will be your kryptonite! For more information, read on.


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Help! Protect! Save!

We’re not asking you to don a cape or wear your pants over your trousers – although it would make for some great pictures – but we are asking you to give liftsharing a go for one week and let us know that you’re doing it by forming a Liftshare team.

Here are our top three reasons why you should become a Super Commuter this Liftshare Week:

  1. HELP! Relieve the stress of the commute by grabbing a sidekick and making a new friend to share your journey with. We’ve received some great member stories where our Super Commuters have made life-long friends through liftsharing and told us how having someone to share their journey with has made their commute more fun and less stressful.
  2. PROTECT! The environment by reducing the impact of carbon emissions by taking cars off the roads by sharing and improving local air quality.
  3. SAVE! Our average regular sharers save over £1000 a year. We’ve made calculating your savings easy, here. What will you spend your savings on?

What’s more, Liftshare is completely flexible, so you’re not tied into using it everyday day if you don’t want to. Simply arrange with your match how often you want to share. It’s the perfect time to give it a go, with Autumn on our doorstep and Winter around the corner – a warm car is surely better than being out in the wet and cold?





A competition to make even the Hulk weak!

It’s hard to believe we haven’t convinced you yet, but if you still need some extra encouragement, we’ve got an awesome competition! Any member that forms a Liftshare team between 24th September and 14th October will be entered into a prize draw to WIN a pair of year passes to Odeon or Cineworld – meaning you can catch all the latest superhero films like Aquaman and Captain Marvel, and more! Already sharing through Liftshare? To thank you for already being part of our band of Super Commuters, you’ll be entered into the draw too! To find out more, t’s and c’s can be found here.

If you want to find out more about Liftshare Week 2018, click here.

If you think your organisations and colleagues could benefit from working with us, contact us today!

Not all superheroes wear capes…


Author Laura Watling


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