How car sharing helped a long-distance relationship bloom

We love to hear real stories from everyday people within Liftshare’s community of over 430,000 members. It reminds us that what we’re doing can help people from all walks of life, different financial situations and more get by in difficult times, or change their lifestyle to be more frugal.

Whatever the reason, we get a real kick out of helping people stay mobile regardless of their reasons for travelling, and that’s why we’re always on the look-out for great stories and outstanding people from across the UK.

Today we hear from Charlotte (pictured), a Liftshare member who lives in Leicester. “My boyfriend lives in London,” she explains. “We meet up with each other at weekends and often visit other parts of the UK.

“Doing all this travel on public transport can be extortionate, so it’s easier to drive, and now I’ve tried Liftshare, I would always look for a sharer before I go anywhere.”

Charlotte – like many Liftshare members – have embraced car sharing as a lifestyle choice, rather than an alternative to public transport. It’s now her preferred way to travel because it’s both social, and by splitting petrol costs it helps keep her running costs down too.

We ask Charlotte about her recent journeys and she recalls a really great one. “I had a really enjoyable trip recently, driving Alpa from Leicester to London,” she explains. “I warn others in my profile that my stereo doesn’t work, but she was really friendly and we just chatted all the way!

“She was very good at communicating beforehand, and although I had to drive into town to pick her up, I recognised that it would be well worth my while.”

The interesting ripple effect here, is that Alpa’s boyfriend also lives in London – just like Charlotte’s – so they have both agreed to car share again. What’s more, their respective boyfriends plan on car sharing together to visit Alpa and Charlotte in Leicester.

It’s true what they say; you never really know until you try, and it’s heart-warming to see all four of these great Liftshare members finding our site so useful.

You can also try Liftsharing today! Simply check out available lifts in our community or offer your spare seats using our site, or download our free iOS and Android apps to take advantage of even more great mobile features.

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