Why Boomtown is one of the most unique festivals you’ll ever see

Liftshare has just started working with the wonderful festival Boomtown Fair, which takes place August 13-16 on the Matterly Estate in Winchester. This is one of the most different, wildly unique and intriguing festivals we’ve worked with in some time.

Allow us to explain; BoomTown “rose up from the underground” in 2009 and started a narrative that flows alongside each year’s festival – or ‘chapter’ – as each annual event is known. You can read the unfolding story of BoomTown and its fictional inhabitants here, which should give you an idea of where each festival’s theme comes from.

But all fantasy aside, this is indeed a music festival that includes other activities like dance sessions, and the BoomTique Village, which houses luxury showers, hot tubs, chill-out lounges and more. It’s like a village format expanded into a 22-stage (yep, you read that right!) festival that enjoys scores of patrons each year/chapter.

To give you an idea of the scope of Boomtown Fair, here’s this year’s music line-up poster by stage. Even the stages are themed on different districts of the fictional town that appear in the overarching story:


Pretty massive, isn’t it? Well, we’re convinced that this is one mighty fine festival that dares to be wildly different from other events out there. We’ll be posting an interview with Boomtown Fair’s organisers right here on the Liftshare blog soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, why not book or offer a lift to Boomtown Fair with Liftshare’s community of over 430,000 friendly members? Car sharing is far cheaper than most forms of public transport per mile, and you get to road trip with incredible people too. Our free iOS and Android apps help make finding that ideal lift even easier.

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