How Liftshare helps companies achieve their CSR targets

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility an organisation has for the impact of its decisions and activities on society and the environment. Whilst it used to be simply a “nice to have”, today, CSR is expected of all organisations. And it is one of the reasons that many of the UK’s biggest businesses are working with Liftshare.

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol. Responsible for brands such as Smirnoff, Guinness and Johnnie Walker, the company has set itself ambitious targets for reducing its environmental impact by 2020, including cutting its carbon emissions. Diageo chose Liftshare to provide its car sharing scheme because of our expertise in monitoring and reporting results, providing information such as CO2 emissions and miles saved, and contributing towards our clients’ environmental and sustainability targets. The dedicated parking bays for liftsharers has helped make the scheme popular with staff, and 120 employees are currently registered to share.

“Liftshare has been a great tool for us on-site, in more ways than one,” says Amy O’Donnell, who manages the scheme. “It enables us to promote Diageo’s commitment to caring for the planet, whilst encouraging our employees to do the same.”

National Grid is well-known as one of the world’s largest energy transporters. They’re passionate about operating in an environmentally responsible way, and have committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.  One of the ways they’re doing this is by implementing travel initiatives for staff which are focused on promoting sustainable modes of transport.  This is where they brought Liftshare in – resulting in a significant reduction in the number of single-occupancy vehicles travelling to their offices.

National Grid also offered staff their own personalised travel plan (myPTP), provided by Liftshare. The one-off emails highlighted each individual’s travel options, including walking and cycling routes, public transport and liftsharing, and have contributed to employees changing their commuting behaviour.

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If you’d like to discuss how Liftshare could help with your organisation’s CSR targets and commitments, we’d be delighted to talk it through with you. Please email us today or call us on 01603 389321.

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