How one Liftshare member helped the planet and met great new people

Liftshare loves hearing all the amazing experiences our members have had while car sharing together. It’s genuinely heart-warming to us to hear about two car sharers who have become best friends, or those who helped each other get to a music festival, only to become inseparable by the end.

We’ve got another short story from our member Ella (above), who makes regular weekend trips between London and Devon with her partner. Over the last eight months they’ve rarely made the trip without a car share buddy or two in their spare seats.

“Originally I joined Liftshare as I wanted to do something to beat the effects of global warming,” she tells us, “but I love meeting such a wide range of interesting people too!”

Car sharing is a great way to save money of course, as the driver and their passengers will split the total petrol cost fairly, which almost always ends up being cheaper than many forms of public transport. But more than this, it’s a social way to travel thanks to the friendly, outgoing people you”ll find in our community of over 430,000 drivers and passengers.

“The very first lift I gave was to a young couple who live on a boat on the Thames,” Ella adds, “and we recently drove a guy who sells uniwheels – which are like a Segway but without the handle. He offered me a go but I knew I’d fall off and injure myself!”

Ella’s also a great fan of the new Liftshare app, “It’s so user-friendly, bright and colourful. My partner’s a web developer so he’s instilled into me what a good app should have.”

The London-Devon corridor is a popular one on, so if you’re heading that way, why not grab a lift with Ella too?

Her top car sharing tip is, “As someone who offers a lot of lifts, I like it when a passenger who’s booked a few days in advance drops me a text the day before travel. It’s a good reminder – although I’ve never actually forgotten anyone!”

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