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I’m based in the Liftshare offices in Norwich, and it’s truly the best company that I’ve ever worked for (honest guv!). Working for a sharing economy business is an exciting prospect, and the Liftshare offices are extra special. Here’s why it’s great to work for us…

1 The team
It sounds like a cliché, but the people here are ace. Everyone’s into the sharing economy and passionate about our social mission. We’re a chatty, fun bunch, who enjoy spending time together, and genuinely enjoy our jobs in such a unique company. You can read more about us on the Liftshare.com team pages.

2 The slide
Yep, you read right. In the spirit of getting from A to B in the most convenient way possible, we have a slide between the two floors of our office! It certainly makes the journey more fun, and we’re never short of visitors who want to try it out.

3 The puppyFudge
Our diverse workforce does indeed include Fudge, a Labrador puppy belonging to our Events Coordinator, Hannah. Fudge isn’t full-time, but takes her role as Chief Happiness Officer very seriously.

4 The office
The Liftshare.com office is bright, airy, and makes for a great working environment. Refurbished by Office Experts Bluespace, we’ve got two kitchens, themed meeting rooms, toilets with inspirational quotes on the walls, hanging seating pods, and of course, our slide.

5 The table football
Currently situated on the ground floor of the office, the introduction of table football has seen a new competitive edge rise throughout the team. The dream team Jon and Vickie frequently take on (and humiliate) the rest of us!

6 The cameras
Think less Big Brother, more cringey waving at your mum on telly. We have a screen in each office, so we can see the guys on the floor above or below. It helps us keep in touch with each other, see who’s in and who’s out. We’ve even been known to do a little dance for each other – or that hilarious thing where you pretend you’re going down steps.

7 The location
We’re based in Norwich, a stone’s throw from the famous Lanes area of the city, which is chock-a-block with independent shops, cafes, and our market. There’s everything from cheesy chips to cocktails and it’s very easy to get distracted on your lunch break. Of course, being in Norwich also means we can pop to the Forum, or sit by the River Wensum on a sunny day. Delia Smith, Stephen Fry and Alan Partridge… what more could you want?


8 The sharing
Of course, being part of the sharing economy means that we’re some quite helpful folk. But we like to really help each other out where we can. This means baking goodies for charity bake sales, taking it turns to walk Fudge (see point 3!), taking part in team triathlons, swimming parties, sponsoring each other for good causes, liftsharing to and from work, and we’ve even shared a hot air balloon flight!

9 The culture
We have a real entrepreneurial culture in the office, proving that ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. We’ve just started a new start-up right in the heart of our own company – a classic case of true business disruption. We’re not afraid to try new things and will do whatever we think it takes to improve our service to our members.

10 Our members!
Being a small company, we’re not far removed from our members, and we liftshare with them often. There may be over 430,000 members on the site, but there’s a real community feel with everyone looking out for each other. We can honestly say they’re some of the best people we’ve ever met, and we’re proud to have sparked friendships, and even families, from our network.


Author Lex Barber


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