How to beat commuting boredom: a Liftsharer’s guide

Let’s be honest: no one really likes commuting to work.

We’re now in November, which means the mornings are getting darker, the country is getting colder, and the chance of traffic jams rises. When hold-ups force your vehicle to a crawl, it’s possible you and your carpool buddies will run ouf of things to say by the time you reach the office, especially if the delay has made everyone irritable. In short, it’s miserable – but it really doesn’t have to be.

So we’ve looked in to some of the best ways Liftsharers can slay car pool boredom, and to make sure your morning commute is more bearable. If you have any tips of your own, please do share them with us in the comments below.

5. Digital devices are your friend

Liftshare members are a social bunch, and will gladly engage in conversation while on the road. Making connections with new people is one of our site’s many perks after all, but if you’d rather do something else to amuse yourself in the middle of a traffic jam then that is entirely up to you.

The most obvious solution when things slow to a halt is to whip our your phone and fire up some games, check the news or get a head start on your work inbox. Gamers out there might even want to take their Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita to play until the jam is over. In games, we strongly advise Nintendo’s Pokemon X & Y and Super Smash Bros. as tried time-fillers while on the road.

4. Books, glorious books

Perhaps you don’t want to rely on your devices like some kind of digital crutch? Bring a newspaper and get a handle on the day’s events, or if you like to get your brain firing in overdrive before each shift, consider a book, puzzle magazine or Sudoku compendium. This only applies if you don’t get car sick while reading, of course.

There are many ways to busy yourself without feeling anti-social, and any one of these solutions can help make any commute all the more bearable. But what happens when none of these things are to hand? Where else can you turn when stuck on a rainy bypass? Gillian Flynn’s book Gone Girl is something of a runaway success right now, thanks to David Fincher’s film adaptation, or for something more lighthearted, David Walliams’ playful romp Awful Auntie is guaranteed laugh-bait.

3. Have a nap

This is another good way to prepare yourself for the working day ahead, but you’ll want to make sure that any time spent napping won’t leave you feeling more tired or sore by the time you reach your desk.

A quick search on Amazon reveals a wide range of memory foam pillows for cars that can fit snugly inside a backpack or briefcase, and will ensure that you won’t suffer from a stiff neck by the time you wake up. Travelrest’s seatbelt cushion has received a lot of positive reviews on the site so far. Remember and read those product reviews and go with something you feel will help you sleep well.

2. Get productive

Here’s a little experiment: take a moment to add up all of the minutes and hours you spent commuting each day, and then ask yourself what you could reasonably do in that time. Could you apply this to something more productive than sitting there catch up on sleep or playing a videogame?

If you’re writing a novel or working on a personal project of any kind, you might find that commuting is the ideal time to work on your concept without the distractions of home or work. It’s just you and the road, so use that breathing space to work towards your own goals and ideas. This one is obviously unwise for drivers. Sorry guys, but we don’t condone our members trying to write West End plays while attempting to steer at the same time. It’s just not smart.

1. Have fun with friends

We’ve gone full circle here, because at the end of the day Liftshare is all about people. When you’re all out of options, and you’re not too cranky or shattered to be social, why not just let your hair down for a bit and play some silly car games. Sure they’re for kids, but you should always allow yourself time for some fun before the grind of work begins. This could be anything from I-Spy to Would You Rather? – although the latter tends to get a little naughty and genuinely hilarious in equal measure.

If games aren’t your bag, just keep on talking, and you might just make a new friend on the road. Thousands of Liftshare members already have!

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