Liftshare helps me save money and help the environment

Liftshare is growing every day, and while we all have our own reasons for wanting to share lifts with others, the benefits are largely unanimous. Not only are our members saving a great deal on their transport costs each month, they are also collaboratively helping to reduce the nation’s carbon output as well, not to mention helping socially isolated passengers make amazing new connections.

If you’re a member and reading this, pat yourself on the back – because you’re doing more good than you may realise. We’ve been speaking with some of our members to get the inside story on why they use Liftshare, how they are benefitting from it and to hear why they feel more people should get involved.

This week we spoke with Monju, who first came across Liftshare almost four years ago and has found it to be a great help ever since. He reveals that he saves at least £100 a month by sharing lifts with others.

He tells us, “I came across the website from a lift-sharing buddy circa 2011 – he was already on the site but we knew each other outside of it.  I joined too and soon other people found us on it.”

We ask Monju what problems the site solves for him – as this varies wildly from person-to-person. You may use Liftshare to help save money on a morning commute, drive with other music-lovers to a summer festival, or if you’re a student living off a loan, it can be a cheap way to get across town to classes at various campus buildings.

But what reasons ‘drive’ Monju to use Liftshare? (excuse the pun) “Mainly financial,” he explains. “The cost of trains is exorbitant and car parking when not shared is a joke. It is much more social – no one talks on the trains, we share our stories of the day, vent any frustrations, offer help and advice from our respective industries or life experience.”

Social connections is a positive knock-on benefit of lift-sharing, and these are the kind of interactions you don’t get on a bus in the morning when everyone has their heads buried in their newspaper or smartphone. We asked Monju to give us his opinion on how Liftshare compares to public transport, and he tells us, “Time wise the journey door to door is the same, however in a car is cleaner and warmer.”

We close our chat by asking Monju – if we were newcomers to the sharing economy and on the fence about Liftshare – what he would say to convince us to use Liftshare.

He replies, “I would say give it a go. The people on the website are generally professional and they are there for the same reason – Save money and help the environment. Yes you might have to give up some flexibility in what time you leave in the morning and evening but there are always pros and cons to everything.”

We’ll have more insight into our members and why they use Liftshare soon, but for now – why not tell a friend about the benefits? You never know, you might just help them save a great deal of money and meet some great new people.

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