5 reasons to share through the strikes this Christmas

The looming threat of strike action and ongoing disruption looms over most of the country as Unions and rail franchises continue to butt heads over a range of issues. This, combined with the hectic festive period and extensive maintenance work taking place on rail lines in London (to make way for the Crossrail project), many will find it difficult to travel over Christmas.

But never fear, Liftshare is here! You can share your trip across the festive period rather than sit on a rail replacement bus; and have loads more fun doing so! Here’s 5 reasons why sharing through the strike is the way forward:

1 You can save some money… right in time for the big day!

We all have things we’d rather spend money on over the festive season, so the opportunity to save some pennies is definitely welcome. If you’re driving, offering our your spare seats will earn you a petrol contribution that you wouldn’t have otherwise had – and it doesn’t affect your insurance, because the Liftshare system calculates an amount that doesn’t make a profit.

If you’d otherwise be getting the train, you can find your journey match with a price listed. Because drivers can’t make a profit, you’ll often find it’s cheaper than public transport – and given that it’s faster and more personal, it’s a win-win!

2 Carpool Karaoke can go Christmas

Everyone’s inspired by James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke skits this year, with spin-offs hitting YouTube daily from celebs and the public alike – with even the clergy giving it a go! With the radio getting more festive as the season progresses, you can have a good old singalong too… and maybe get it out of your system before you have to spend the day with the in-laws!

Watch James Corden’s 2016 Xmas Carpool Karaoke below:

Extra storage space for all your stuff

Carrying presents for aunties you can’t even remember the name of, supplies of mince pies, and hastily written cards always takes up more bags than expected, and on public transport, it ain’t easy. But, in a car, you can load it up to the brim. Don’t forget to check your Liftsharer’s luggage capacity on their listed journey!

The morning after the night before…

Nursing a hangover from the office Xmas party? Taking a lift is way more comfortable than braving it on public transport, and it means that you can relax a little and sleep on the way home if you need to, leaving you free to arrive home in at least a half-decent state, and not feeling too drained.

5 Get door-to-door service – or flexible fares

If your Liftsharer is going exactly your way, you can make zero pit-stops along the way and get dropped off straight at your destination – something the train can rarely offer! Or, if your journey isn’t disrupted the entire way; why not get a lift to or from the station or bus stop? You don’t need to share travel the whole way, and will often find our members are willing to drop off or pick up en route.

However you get home this Christmas, make sure it’s safely. Read our trust and safety advice now..

For further information on sharing, please contact support@liftshare.com, or for press comment on sharing during strikes, contact press@liftshare.com.

Merry Christmas!

Author Lex Barber


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