Introducing Liftshare social directories

This week sees a new feature added to Liftshare communities and schemes – social directories.

Where overarching Liftshare schemes exist with smaller groups underneath, the directories show these groups along with how many people belong to them, and the avatars of the latest registrations.

Remember our previous blog on our Tech Team A/B testing new features? This was one of the features tested, to try and give the best possible result for our members. And it worked – when comparing this with a simple drop-down list of the groups available, the team found that social directories performed 72% better. It’s a great representation of people understanding something better when they can see it mapped out clearly.

Social directories will now be implemented as standard on Liftshare schemes that sit on our new platform. If you think a Liftshare scheme would be of benefit for your business, visit our Business pages now for more info!

Author Lex Barber


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