Liftshare listened and this is just the beginning… has helped hundreds of thousands of people to lift-share over the past 16 years, and we needed a fresh lick of paint!

While we were busy creating a great new look, we also made a load of improvements to the way Liftshare works. Many of these were based on what our members have told us they want.

And your eye-catching, easy-to-use website is now live!  Here are just some of improvements in store for you:

That awkward money moment…                              

Did you sometimes kind of wince when you needed to bring up the topic of money? We now publish a ‘contribution recommendation’ on each journey (which you can increase or lower if you wish). No more uncomfortable conversations!

Clear, up-to-date journeys

One-off journeys expire. But we can make the same commute for years. How long should it stay on the site? Even if a member’s journey is still valid, if they don’t re-confirm it for a year – zap! – it’ll be removed from your search results.

We’ve also removed the option of saying that you’re offering “and/or” seeking a lift: now it’s just one or the other. And ‘occasional’ journeys have gone too. They’re either ‘regular’ (showing the days of the week you travel) or a ‘one-off’ (specifying dates and times). So if you used to have an ‘occasional’ journey, please do update it on your Journeys page.

Do you want to bring your pet pooch? Are you happy with food in your car? Now all journeys have travelling preferences, as well as the ability to see when the other member was last online.

Reviews and ratings

Rating your sharing experience is really helpful to other members. And collecting good ratings for yourself is a great way to increase your likelihood of being asked to share.

And these are only the beginning – head to the site and see it all first-hand. You can still sign in with your usual details.

We’ve put a lot thought and passion into the new site, and I really hope you enjoy using it. We’d love to know what you think; if you want to give us your feedback, please email us at


Ali Clabburn

Founder of


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