One of the UK’s largest automotive manufacturer’s success in tackling car park congestion

The automotive organisation was recently looking for a solution to reduce congestion in their car park and around their local area – as a result they opted to introduce a private Liftshare scheme for their organisation.

Fast facts

·         200 car-sharing bays were put in place, in prime location in the car park, to encourage sharing

·         A policy for ‘BUDi team’ creation was implemented, for use of the bays

·         A Liftshare gold launch event was held to promote the new car-sharing bays and help individuals find their match

·         386 members registered in 30 days (and counting!)

·         90 BUDi teams have been created so far

·         Mileage savings by BUDi teams (forecast for next 12 months – 3,253,174 miles

·         Financial savings by BUDi teams (forecast for next 12 months) – £799,253

·         CO2 savings by BUDi teams (forecast for next 12 months) – 1071.1 tonnes

Car-sharing can play a major role in helping you reduce the costs and CO2 arising from your business.

The exponential take up of an organisation focused scheme demonstrates the value that can be gained from providing a bespoke car-share solution for your employees. The typical benefit cost ratio of having a Liftshare scheme is >30:1

Author Jonathan Scutt


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