“Sharing petrol costs and making friends along the way, it’s a win-win situation!” – Liftshare Week winners revealed

Liftshare Week 2016 was a great celebration of all things car sharing across the country, wrapped up in a carpool karaoke-themed package!

This year’s campaign saw posters, car park banners and signs put up around both our client sites and by our Liftshare.com Champions up and down the UK.

Liftshare events were held at workplace sites, and we hosted two nationwide competitions – one for all of our lovely Liftshare members (old and new!), and one for our hard-working corporate clients.

The former was for a whopping £250, and was won by Laura, who’s a member of the Carshare Dorset Liftshare scheme. Laura is a lecturer at a further education college, and liftshares to and from work most days with Chalor. Here’s what Laura has to say on her daily commute:

“Chalor is lovely company, and it’s good to have someone to chat with on my commute, which is often mainly a traffic jam! She’s not long lived in Dorset, and came here from Australia but is from the Phillipines originally. It’s good to share life experiences as well as just the general day to day stuff about work, home and family with someone else.”

“Before I had this job, I was working in Southampton and liftshared that commute for about 3 years. It made the journey cheaper, easier and more sociable. Before that, I had been travelling by train and bike, which could be a real hassle! Eventually there were a team of 4 of us who lived nearish. We worked different schedules but always managed to arrange a liftshare of at least 2 of us – and it’s easy to keep on top of arrangements with a quick text.”

“I’ve always cared about the environment and it makes a lot of sense to take one car not two, also sharing petrol costs and making friends along the way – it’s a win-win situation! I urge anyone who is thinking about it to try liftsharing, as it’s always worked for me.”

So, there you have it – another happy sharer, and one that’s £250 richer! Laura and Chalor are still doing their bit for the environment by sharing every day, and if you’re going their way when in Dorset, you could share with them too – just check the Carshare Dorset site!

Our other winner was GSK, who run a successful scheme for their employees in both the UK and USA. They won a silver event package from us, so we’ll head to one of their sites soon to talk sustainable travel with staff and encourage people to sign up! If you’d like more information on our events and corporate packages, please visit our Liftshare Business website.

Big congratulations to our winners – and watch this space for details soon on Liftshare Week 2017, for which planning is already underway!

Author Lex Barber


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