Some good news? Your great reviews.

As I noted in a recent blog on the growing importance of online trust mechanisms, it has become clear that rating systems are integral to the new digital age.

In light of this, Liftshare is happy to announce that out of all the ratings given by members to members, over the last year, the average member rating is a near perfect 9/10 (well 9.118 to be precise!). Now we’re pretty chuffed about such a high average rating, but what really made us smile was the enthusiastic reviews you’ve been leaving each other.

Take Angela’s recent review of Steve: “Great reliable driver, lovely person, will miss the fun travelling.”

Erin’s review of Monica: “Great passenger, very friendly, always nice to make a new friend who is as lovely as Monica.”

And Jamie’s review of Nati: “Lovely girl and great to meet you. Lots to chat about and made my journey much more interesting!”

Such reviews make us feel delighted about the lovely people Liftshare attracts.


With an average of 9/10 means there are still a few of you who’s experience of Liftshare we can look to improve.

This led us to notice that the small percentage of lower ratings were almost exclusively given by users who’d not received a prompt response to a message they’d sent another member.

Certainly we will be looking to improve responsiveness between community members, but we are pleased to see that those of you who arranged to share a lift have almost unanimously been delighted with your experience. In fact we feel rather proud about how many of you have become regular liftsharers as a result.

Although we love seeing growing numbers of liftsharers with flattering reviews, we also appreciate that many members have not yet had a chance to demonstrate what a great liftshare partner they would make, and that many more have successfully car-shared but just not yet been reviewed.

For that reason we want to encourage you to be to give each other a chance to deserve those five stars, and to take a minute to review anyone you’ve shared with!


Author Lucie Boyle


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