Talking tech: Listen to Liftshare on the BBC

Liftshare has appeared on the BBC as part of its coverage on Norwich. The city has been named as one of the UK’s top cities for digital businesses, and we’ve been featured as one of the key, innovative firms that make up this technically-minded hub. It’s a great honour to be included.

You can listen to the full interview on the BBC site now. Liftshare founder Ali Clabburn appears at 39:30 until 46:30 to speak with host Nicky Price, so be sure to check out his segment for some great insight into how the site has grown, how it works, and why Norwich is such a great place to do business.

We’ve also just launched the official Liftshare Android app on Google Play, and we’ve received a great deal of downloads already. It’s entirely free, and can help everyday people like you save big on travel, while meeting new people on the road.

If you want more information on Liftshare and the sharing economy at large, be sure to say hello on our Twitter and Facebook feeds today. We’re happy to chat.

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